Postdoctoral programme

RECETOX provides a range of opportunities for incoming PostDocs in relevant research fields.

RECETOX offers PostDoc positions to both talented recent graduates who received their Ph.D. at an institution other than MUNI and ambitious recognized researchers looking for the second Postdoc assignment who are aspiring to develop own teams with their own projects. In some cases, internal candidates can apply as well.

We offer:

  • State-of-the-art facilities and equipment
  • Wide-ranging opportunities to gain hands-on experience
  • Guaranteed funding for 2-5 years based on the position
  • Flexible work hours
  • Personal and professional liberty
  • International environment and contacts
  • Diverse funding opportunities and administrative support for grant applications
  • Relocation assistance provided by the MUNI International Support Office

RECETOX is part of the Faculty of Science of the Masaryk University, which, as a holder of the HR Award logo takes care of its researchers, continuously improves the working environment, and focuses on their career growth. The established HR department, professional grant office and Welcome office will assist the incoming postdocs to accommodate as soon and as easy as possible.

How to become the postdoc at RECETOX?

There are following basic routes how to become the part of RECETOX and enter the postdoctoral position:

  • With the external funding as the individual postdoctoral fellowship (e.g. within the MSCA projects)
  • Internal postdoctoral programme
  • Based on the individual positions offered by the PIs of RECETOX

Current postdoc positions are published in the section Career at RECETOX.

For more information, please, contact Ms. Lenka Baková or respective Research Group leader. 

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