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Jiří Dobeš

„We will help you not to get lost!“

Jiří Dobeš

We are here to help our foreign employees overcome issues and bureaucracy connected to their relocation and stay in the Czech Republic from the first contact and later on during their employment. We are also here to support our group leaders in getting new foreign researchers into their teams at RECETOX as smoothly as possible.

We offer help and support in following areas:

Recruitment of foreign researchers

  • Advertisement abroad
  • Communication with candidates
  • Providing information about employment conditions
  • Providing  information about MU and life in Brno

Pre-employment support for our new employees

  • Support with documents needed for visa application and contract of employment
  • Counseling in arranging private staff and accommodation
  • Providing contacts on other institutions and organizations supporting foreigners at MU and in Brno
  • Cooperation with International Staff Office of MU

Employment support to our current employees

  • Contact point for different issues that can appear
  • Obligations during your stay, lost or theft of documents
  • Preparing documentation for visa/contract prolongation etc.

Feedback to our services

Juan Ignacio Sanchez Avila, Ph.D.

„When I participated in the selection procedure for a postdoctoral position at RECETOX, Lenka always guided me through all the process. When I was selected, I was very afraid about being a foreigner, but I never felt lost. I got all the support needed during the process of my establishment in Brno. People at RECETOX are very kind and they are always in a good mood to provide with all the information and tools for developing my work. It is very nice to feel surrounded by professionals and top experts in toxicology and analytical sciences. I can feel a cooperation spirit. At RECETOX, I could find very nice facilities and cutting-edge analytical instrumentation. I believe that coming to RECETOX and Brno will be one of the best experiences for developing my career and personal life.“

Juan Ignacio Sanchez Avila, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral researcher

Jana Navrátilová, Ph.D.

„Returning after several years back to the Czech Republic I came to dynamic and international environment where all people are committed to their jobs and support each other to achieve their goals. I highly appreciate that the communicating language is English. My onboarding process was well organized, they explained me all details I asked and my workstation was prepared before I arrived. To conclude they helped me to settle in quickly by making me feel welcome!“

Jana Navrátilová, Ph.D.

Contact our HR office

Bc. Jiří Dobeš

Assistant HR at RECETOX


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