Support services

In order to strengthen the management and operational capacities of the Centre, two supporting and non-scientific units of the Centre are being developed to the support the Director in the management of the Centre. The objective of the Operation and Administration organisational unit is to create conditions in the Centre for the realisation of all activities necessary for the fulfilment of the Centre’s strategic vision. The Director’s Office assists the Director in effectively managing the key activities relating to research and education, implementing short-term and long-term plans, improving the quality of the outputs, and fulfilling the Centre’s strategic vision in the years 2020-2026. 

Operation and administration

The internal organization of this unit is being optimized and the processes to increase the efficiency of the management ate being implemented. The main achievement in last two years are the following:

  • Development of dedicated personal capacity in the area of Occupational health safety & Fire safety, which has been previously provided from the university level,
  • Development in the specific area of public procurement within the Centre allowing the reconstruction of the process of public procurement,
  • Development of the personal capacity on the area of facility management,
  • Development of the HR services,
  • The upgrade of the services of the grant office - both pre- and post-award, 
  • Hiring the controlling and reporting specialists,
  • Digitalization of relevant agenda has become one of the key processes in 2020, which was, among other, forced by COVID situation.
Office of the Director

The Office of the Director was established within the TEAMING project. While the operation and administration units are responsible for the actual daily operation of the centre, the Office of the Director supports its core functions. Therefore, it oversees and/or supports the research, education and training activities, ensures the communication and PR, realizes specific projects, provides specific project services, participates on the development of the strategy of the centre and supports the director and PIs in their core activities. 

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