The pan-European Biobanking and BioMolecular resources Research Infrastructure - European Research Infrastructure Consortium (BBMRI-ERIC) improves the accessibility and interoperability of the existing comprehensive collections, either population-based or clinical-oriented, of biological samples from different (sub)populations of Europe. These collections include the attached data on factors such as health status, nutrition, lifestyle, and environmental exposure of the study subjects. Combined with the expertise of the clinicians, pathologists, bio-informaticians, and molecular biologists involved, a globally unmatched, Europe-wide platform for translational medical research is envisaged with the aim to develop personalized medicine and disease prevention for the benefit of European citizens.


BBMRI will be a crucial partner in the development of new RECETOX biobanking facility and its linking to the European network of the biobanks. It will support harmonization and sharing of data and metadata, establishment and use of existing standards, joint development of relevant new standards enabling linking the environment and health and enable an access to the samples to a variety of users. The BBMRI-ERIC will support harmonization and sharing of biomarker data and metadata for increased reproducibility and fitness for purpose, establishment and use of existing standards, joint development of relevant new standards to facilitate linkages of date on environment exposures with data on health. It will also provide tools to make the collections of the data and biological material findable (using BBMRI-ERIC Directory) and tools to request and negotiate access (using BBMRI- ERIC Negotiator) for a variety of users in line with the FAIR-Health principles.

Key people

Dr. Petr Holub

IT/Data Protection Manager and CIO


Heimo Muller

Researcher, BIBOX


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