RECETOX Seminar Series: Jan Böhm (RECETOX): Why do we need different approach to analyze compositional data?

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In your career you might encounter (even if you don’t know about it) compositional data. Such data
sets often arise in chemistry, microbiology, chemistry, ekology atc. If you want to perform your
analysis correctly, you have to be aware of this phenomena and design your study with this fact in

In my talk, I will try to answer these questions:

• What are compositional data and how to recognize them?
• What are the main difficulties in analyzing compositional data?
• Why classical approach gives poor or entirely wrong results?
• What tools we can be uses instead?

Goal of this seminar is not to give you comprehensive guide to compositinal data. Instead, I will try to give you some hands-on tips on this topic and encouregement to do statistics the right way.

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