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Autumn 2023

Luděk Bláha (RECETOX): Introduction to new semester and Ph.D. studies (15 minutes)

Martin Scheringer
(ETH, Zürich and RECETOX): The Global Presence of Chemicals: Data, Mechanisms of Distribution, and Root Causes
Jiří Kalina (RECETOX): MONET - Spatial and Temporal Trends of POPs after 15 years of monitoring across Europe (9-9:30)
Ondřej Mikeš (RECETOX): The health effects of air pollution (9:30-10:30)

Frans Prenkert (Örebro University): The need and significance of multidisciplinary research to address the sustainability issues of society (9:00-10:00)

Sophie Langouet (U Rennes): Evaluation of liver function, chronic toxicity and genotoxicity in a human model of proliferating and highly differentiated hepatic spheroids (10:00-11:00)

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Daniel Szabo (RECETOX): Out of Memory: Large-Scale Tidying, Exploratory Analyses and Dashboards in the ELSPAC Study

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Katarzyna Kordas (University of Buffalo, NY, USA): Environmental exposures in a Global South city – effects on child development and health


Peter Šebej(RECETOX): Stories told by small molecules (How the world of excited states wows us)

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31.10.2023, 16:00. Mendel Refectory

Krásné společenské stroje II: horizonty umělé inteligence v diskusi čtyř světových expertů

Date&time: 31 October 2023, 16:00 (this seminar will be in in-person mode; online version will not be available)
Venue: Mendel Refectory of the Augustinian Abbey, Mendel Square

Language: Czech only

Registration is required.More information available HERE.


1) Thomas Angelo Adrien Contini (RECETOX):Deciphering the placental chemical exposome using high resolution mass spectrometry

2)Žiga Tkalec (RECETOX): FRANKIE project: Impact of exposure to chemicals to onset and progression of dementia

14.11.2023, 10:00

Vladimír Žlábek (Jihočeská U, České Budějovice): Fate and transformation of emerging pollutants in the aquatic environment

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Veronica van der Schyff and Paula Marcineková (RECETOX): Inclusive teaching strategies: Insights from project BELONG

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Branislav Vrana (RECETOX): Passive-Sampler-Derived POPs Concentrations in the Waters of the World─First Results from the AQUA-GAPS/MONET Network

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Lucie Ráčková (RECETOX): From Extreme Environments to Outer Space: How Space Analog Missions and Expeditions Pave the Way for Extraterrestrial Presence, Innovation and Sustainability on Earth

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Martin Bobák (UCL and RECETOX): Social inequalities in chronic diseases in Czech cohort study before and during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Ph.D. students (RECETOX): Doctoral Research Plans (1st year students presentations)

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Spring 2023

Topic and speaker
14.2. 2023
  • Luděk Bláha (RCX): Introduction to new semester and Ph.D. studies at RECETOX (15 minutes)
  • "They took our jobs!" - moderated discussion about AI in research, academia, teaching and beyond
21.2. 2023
Kelsey Ng (RCX): Wide-scope target and suspect screening of contaminants of emerging concerns and environmental risk assessment – case studies in environmental samples from Europe
28.2. 2023 The URBAN_X Twinning project - lesson learned, presentation of internships, and future prospects as the project is ending after three and a half years of fruitful collaboration with UCL, Utrecht University, and IS Global
7.3. 2023 Albert Kšiňan (RCX): Introduction to Behavior Genetics: Understanding the Interplay of Nature and Nurture
14.3.2023, 9:30 David Bednář (RCX): Computational Tools for Analysis and Design of Proteins
The public lecture for the habilitation procedure.
21.3. 2023 Michal Bittner (RCX): Potable water from sewage: safe wastewater recycling for its potable and agricultural reuse
28.3. 2023 Lola Murielle Bajard ép.Esner (RCX): Reducing animal testing in hazard assessment – examples of using in vitro approaches and adverse outcome pathways for novel flame retardants
4.4. 2023 Jill Hanna (GAHP): Why don’t we have a framework agreement for chemicals at the global level?
11.4. 2023 Tomáš Fiala (ETH): Collagen model peptides – from detailed structural insight to controlled self-assembly
18.4. 2023 Saliou Mbengue (Czechglobe, AV ČR): Vertical distribution of carbonaceous aerosols: a case study on the impact of COVID-19 lockdowns at European rural background site Košetice
25.4. 2023 Lena Smirnova (Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD): Microphysiological Systems: from lab bench to international society
2.5.2023  Gerard Bryan Gonzales (Wageningen University): Determinants of early life trajectories in children in low and middle-income countries
9.5. 2023 Jiří Kalina (RECETOX): Coping with uncertainty in human health risk assessment: an inspirative review of methods and attempts
16.5. 2023 Vlad Popovici (RECETOX): Heterogeneity of colorectal cancer and its impact on biomarkers
23.5. 2023, 10:00
We would like to invite you to our housekeeping session, which will focus on:
  • Outcomes of the EVAK Evaluation and satisfaction survey - follow-up and steps to be taken
  • Updates and news from administration and support department.


Autumn 2022

Topic and speaker
13.9. 2022 The seminar is cancelled
20.9. 2022
Luděk Bláha (RCX): Introduction to new semester and Ph.D. studies (15 minutes)
Anne-Christine Aust (RCX): Quantification of tryptophan catabolites of human gut microbiota in neonatal dried blood spots and stool
Darshak Gadara (RCX): Development and Application of Mass Spectrometry Based Metabolomics and Lipidomics
27.9. 2022 Daniela Brenner, Ishita Virmani, Marina Grossi, Michal Bittner, Riju Chowdhury (all RCX): internships and long-term stays abroad - experiences, tips, etc.
4.10. 2022 The seminar is cancelled
11.10. 2022 Garry Codling (RCX):  The use of pull-down assays to focus non-target sample analysis
20.10. 2022 Gary W. Miller (Columbia, NYC) - online only
25.10. 2022 Markéta Vlasáková (TTO MUNI): Innovating is not a one man show. Why we need you and you need us
1.11. 2022 Gabriela Wofková (IABio): Interesting solutions for non-traditional tasks in NGS field
8.11. 2022 Jiří Marek: Open Science at MUNI - Questions and Answers
15.11. 2022 Helene Wiesinger (ETH): Plastic Monomers, Additives and Processing Aids
22.11. 2022 Kari Hemminki (Lund University, LF UK): Environmental and familial causes of cancer
24.11.2022 (Thursday, 12:00) Vojtěch Thon (RCX): Mucosal immune defense - covid-19, professional mistakes, early treatment.
29.11. 2022 Eva Schernhammer (Harvard University, Med Uni Wien):Light and human health - the use of large cohort studies
6.12. 2022 (9:30) Kateřina Šebková and Lukáš Pokorný (RECETOX): RECETOX and Czech presidency in the EU
Sebastian Lungu-Mitea: On the utilisation and characterisation of external biotransformation systems in in vitro toxicology: a critical review
13.12. 2022 Luděk Bláha (RCX): RCX PhD School - 1st year students to present their PhD project plan
20.12. 2022 no seminar


Spring 2022

Topic and speaker

15. 2. 2022

Luděk Bláha (RECETOX): Introduction to new semester. News and updates in Ph.D. study programs

Jakub Hofman (RECETOX): PAPILLONS: Plastic in Agricultural Production Impacts, Lifecycles and LONg-term Sustainability (H-2020)

22. 2. 2022

Nina Pálešová, Libor Šulc, Jiří Kalina and Tomáš Janoš (RECETOX): URBAN_X Internships - Personal stories and beyond

1. 3. 2022 at 9:30am

Jakub Ondráček (ÚChP, AV ČR): Indoor/Outdoor Aerosols: Measurements and Modelling

8. 3. 2022

Sérgio M. Marques (RECETOX): Molecular modelling for a deeper understanding of Alzheimer's disease

15. 3. 2022

Dominika Tóthová (ESF MU): Economic valuation of morbidity from air pollution

22. 3. 2022

Montserrat De Castro and Serena Fossati (IS Global, Barcelona): The urban exposome in European projects

29. 3. 2022

Ian Allan (NIVA, Norway): Passive sampling in support of chemical monitoring of contaminants in biota

5. 4. 2022

Chao Jiang (Zhejiang University, China): Mapping the human airborne exposome

12. 4. 2022 at 12:00 am

Steve MacFeely (WHO): Training official statisticians for adaptive statistical practice

19. 4. 2022
The seminar is cancelled.

Seminar is cancelled

25. 4. 2022 at 3:00 pm

Panel discussion: Global Environment & Health challenges

Brno Observatory and Planetarium, Kraví Hora 2, Brno + Online (YouTube)

Bryan Brooks (Baylor University, USA):
Global megatrends and workforce preparadness at the intersections of environment and health

Gerhard Lammel (Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, Germany and RECETOX):
Welcome to the anthropocene - an update on pollution and environmental impacts

Robert Barouki (INSERM and Descartes University, France):
Social, political and environmental impacts on human health: threats and opportunities

3. 5. 2022

Sebastian Lungu Mitea (RECETOX): Species-specific bioanalytical tools

10. 5. 2022

Brij M. Sharma (RECETOX): Behavioral interventions to complement chemical management regulations.

17. 5. 2022

Aroon Hingorani (UCL): Principles of Mendelian randomisation with applications in understanding environmental causes of disease and drug development

24. 5. 2022

Jitka Bečanová (University of Rhode Island): Alternative approaches for the determination of bioavailable PFAS

2. 6. 2022 at 10:00 am

Stavros Stavrakis (ETH Zurich): Optofluidic platforms for high throughput and high precision measurements

9. 6. 2022

Maribel Casas (IS Global, Barcelona): Early-life exposure to environmental chemicals and children's health and development in the INMA and HELIX cohorts

Autumn 2021

Topic and speaker

8. 9. 2021

Philip Hopke (University of Rochester, NY): Trends in Air Pollution and Health Effects Across New York State

14. 9. 2021

Luděk Bláha (RECETOX): "Introduction to new semester and Ph.D. studies"

Elliott J. Price (RECETOX): "Building resources for GC-Orbitrap MS chemical exposomics and metabolomics"

Helge Hecht (RECETOX): "Galaxy pipeline & tool development for processing gas chromatography – mass spectrometry data"

21. 9. 2021

Markéta Vlasáková (MUNI TTO): Broader context of intellectual property

5. 10. 2021 

Konstantinos C. Makris (Cyprus International Institute for Environmental and Public Health): The methodological framework of the urban exposome in studying spatio-temporal patterns of environmental and public health indicators.

12. 10. 2021 at 3:00 pm

Stanislav Sobolevsky (NYU): Towards the Digital City: AI, data and network science for smart, efficient, and healthy city

19. 10. 2021

Eva Budinská: When 16s rRNA outperforms WMGS metagenomics

26. 10. 2021

Vojtěch Thon (RECETOX): COVID-19: New diagnostic marker of SARS-CoV-2 infection

2. 11. 2021 

Research ethics

The seminar will focus on a lot of highly relevant questions, such as publication ethics, research integrity, predatory journals, acknowledgements etc. Prepare your questions and participate in a lively and interesting discussion.

We ask PhD students, postdocs, junior and senior PIs to join us!

9. 11. 2021 

Martin Bobák (ERA Chair, RECETOX, UCL): Cognitive functions and cardiovascular diseases in an ageing population: risk factors and consequences

16. 11. 2021

Mark Kristiansen (UCL Genomics Facility): “Project design: Challenges and Considerations in Genomics and Personalised Medicine”

23. 11. 2021 

David Kocman (Jožef Stefan Institute, Slovenia): Citizens’ involvement in environmental health studies: experiences and lessons learned working on citizen science projects

30. 11. 2021 at 10:00 am

Benedikt Warth (Global Exposomics & Biomonitoring Group, UNI WIEN): Measuring the Chemical Exposome: Delusion or Next Frontier?

7. 12. 2021

Dominik Madea (RECETOX): Photochemistry of bilirubine: A mechanistic approach to a (photo)metabolomic analysis

14. 12. 2021

Peter Lenárt (RECETOX): Research integrity workshop for beginners: recognizing problematic images in scientific publications


Spring 2021

Topic and speaker

9. 3. 2021

Luděk Bláha (RECETOX): Introduction to new semester and PhD studies; 
RECETOX PhD students introduction (RETRAIN)

16. 3. 2021

RECETOX 1st year PhD students introduction

23. 3. 2021

Foppe Smedes (RECETOX): Highlights of Foppe’s thesis: Passive Sampling: effective sensing of environmental quality

See the abstract HERE

30. 3. 2021 at 3:00 pm

Milagros Ruiz (UCL): Social cohesion, social networks and healthy mental ageing in Central and Eastern Europe

See the abstract HERE

6. 4. 2021

Jan Böhm (RECETOX): Why do we need different approach to analyze compositional data?

See the abstract HERE

13. 4. 2021

Ondřej Adamovský (RECETOX):
1) Multi-omic approaches to investigate the impact of stressors on gastrointestinal-immune axis
2) What, when, how, if:  European mobility grants - a key step in scientific carrier - Personal experience with successful MSCA fellowship

20. 4. 2021

Daniela Fecht (ICL): Geographic Information Systems for Public Health

See the abstract HERE

27. 4. 2021 at 10:00 am

Olga Cervova (UCL, Cancer institute): Use of epigenetics in the study of health and risk factors

4. 5. 2021 

Danielle Vienneau (Swiss TPH): Transportation Noise and Health

See the abstract HERE

11. 5. 2021

Gabriela Kšiňanová, Albert Kšiňan (RECETOX): Job Loss and Lower Healthcare Utilization due to COVID-19 among Older Adults across 27 European Countries

See the abstract HERE

18. 5. 2021 at 2:00 pm

Václav Havel (Columbia University): Chemistry and Pharmacology of Iboga Alkaloids

See the abstract HERE

25. 5. 2021

Markéta Vlasáková (TTO MUNI): Intellectual property- the scientist´s secret treasure

Abstract: The lecture will provide basic knowledge of Czech intellectual property law in the context of the international and community legal framework, including methods for their protection. In the lecture, we will also touch the hot topic fo technology transfer, its principles and methods.

1. 6. 2021

RECETOX PhD Conference

1) Announcement of the Results and winners of the „Award of the RECETOX's Director“ of the RECETOX Doctoral Conference and Closing Remarks (Jana Klánová and Luděk Bláha (RECETOX)

2) Concluding remarks of the 2021 spring term Luděk Bláha (RECETOX)


Autumn 2020


Topic and speaker

6. 10. 2020

Luděk Bláha (RECETOX): News and updates in PhD: Intro to 2020-21 academic year
Katka Šebková, Lukáš Pokorný (RECETOX): Sustainable Development Goals and RCX's answer to it

13. 10. 2020

Libor Jaša (RECETOX, P. Babica group): Modern analytical methods to study environmental occurrence, fate and chemico-biological interactions of cyanobacterial toxins

20. 10. 2020

No Seminar

27. 10. 2020

RECETOX Training Network PIs presentations (moderated by Iva Sovadinová and Lisa Melymuk, RCX)

3. 11. 2020

Mariam Tannous (RECETOX, G. Lammel group): The Lebanese Sea: a source or a sink of CO2 to the atmosphere? Abstract is HERE

10. 11. 2020

Paromita Chakraborty (SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai, India): Crude electronic waste recycling by the informal sector is a potential source for a Cocktail of toxicants in Indian cities: Atmospheric transport models and health risk assessment Abstract is HERE

24. 11. 2020 at 3 pm

Kelly Ferguson (NIH): Looking for meaning in chemical mixtures analyses: Three examples from studies of phthalate exposure in pregnancy

1. 12. 2020

Zdenka Dudová (RECETOX a CERIT ÚVT): Research data management at RECETOX

8. 12. 2020 at 2 pm

Katarzyna Kordas (University at Buffalo, NY, USA): Complex exposures in urban schoolchildren: the case of Montevideo, Uruguay
Will be held on Zoom. 

15. 12. 2020

Jáchym Brzezina (ČHMÚ): Air quality - what and where is monitored, what is the current situation, major sources of pollution, myths about air quality and interesting projects and measuring campaigns

5. 1. 2021


12. 1. 2021

Stanislav Mazurenko (RECETOX): Unsupervised learning for protein engineering 
Abstract is HERE


Spring 2020


Topic and speaker
18.02.2020 Green Deal seminar
(RECETOX Ph.D. students)
25.02.2020 Luděk Bláha (RECETOX): Carcinogens in working environments - research of hospital staff exposed to anticancer drugs
03.03.2020 Peter Štacko (RECETOX): Near-Infrared Light: Beyond Photodynamic Therapy
10.03.2020 Eva Budinská (RECETOX)
Detection of biomarkers from omics experiments

Stanislav Smatana (RECETOX)
: Bioinformatics point of view on microbiome identification​
17.03.2020 ZRUŠENO
25.03.2020 (10:00) Vojtěch Thon (RECETOX): Immune response and COVID-19. (Online lecture)
31.03.2020 Martin Marek (LL, RECETOX): Molecular basis for evolution of the Renilla-type bioluminescence. (Online lecture)
07.04.2020 Barbara Kubíčková (RECETOX), Marcel Schneider (RECETOX), Regiane Sanches Natumi (EAWAG):
Natural Toxins in the Freshwater Environment – Occurrence, Fate and Health Implications. (Online lecture)
14.04.2020 (16:00) Leonardo Trasande (NYU): Endocrine disrupting chemicals: a costly public health threat with opportunities for policy prevention. (Online lecture)
21.04.2020 Rút Bízková (Ministry of the Environment):
"Resilience – imperativ konceptu SMART Česko"
28.04.2020 Jakub Hofman (RECETOX): Sustainable plant protection transition: A global health approach
05.05.2020 (11:00) Hynek Pikhart (RECETOX and UCL): Work environment and health

Rozárka Jílková (RECETOX):
Chlorinated paraffins and their bioaccessible fraction in dust samples from various public and private microenvironments

19.05.2020 Iva Sovadinova (RECETOX):

Cell-cell communication in testicular toxicity

Autumn 2019


Topic and speaker
17.9. 2019 no seminar
24.9. 2019 Elena Romero (RECETOX): A review of phthalate pharmacokinetics in human and rat: what factors drive phthalate distribution and partitioning?
1.10. 2019 Julie Dobrovolná ( RECETOX): Stress and the extreme environments: the revised concept of adaptation
8.10. 2019 Foppe Smedes (RECETOX, Vrana group): How aqueous passive sampling relates to trophic magnification in fish for hydrophobic organic compounds

15.10. 2019 Tomáš Fiala (Columbia University, NY): Novel approaches to visualization in brain tissues
22.10. 2019 Åke Bergman (University Stockholm): Persistent organics pollutants: History, lessons learned and the way ahead
30.10. 2019 (Wed 9 am)

Urban Exposome, Twinning (3 talks): Prof. Martine Vrijheid (IS Global), prof. Martin Bobák & prof. Hynek Pikhart (UCL), dr. Jelle Vlaanderen (Utrecht University)

5.11. 2019 Elliott James Price (RECETOX): "Non-target" (MS) chemical analysis: misconceptions & misinterpretation
12.11. 2019 Zdeněk Spáčil (RECETOX): Membrane lipids and proteins as biomarkers of ageing and Alzheimer disease
19.11. 2019 Petra Vídeňská (RECETOX): Early life microbiome development and human health
26.11. 2019 Soňa Smetanová (RECETOX): Development of gut microbiome in the first year of human life
5.12. 2019 (Thu, A11/334, 2 pm) John. P. Giesy (University of Saskatchewan): Toxicological Evaluation of Perfluorooctane (PFOS) in the Environment: Anatomy of an Environmental Issue
10.12. 2019 Vojtěch Thon ( RECETOX): Exposome, Immune response and Safe vaccination - the Czech experience.
17.12. 2019

Martin Toul (RECETOX): Current trends and strategies in the development of new thrombolytic drugs


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