RECETOX Seminar Series: Milagros A. Ruiz (UCL): Social cohesion, social networks and healthy mental ageing in Central and Eastern Europe

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It is increasingly recognised that enhanced social relationships may promote healthy mental
ageing. Although the impact of social relationships on mental health has been examined in
prospective studies of ageing from high-income Western countries, there is little evidence from
Central and Eastern Europe. This raises the question as to whether the association between
social relationships and mental health is consistent across ageing populations embedded in
distinct socio-cultural contexts and influenced by particular upstream economic and political
factors. The aim of this seminar is to clarify the role of social cohesion and social networks,
two important markers of social integration, on components of healthy mental ageing in Central
and Eastern Europe. I will: 1) introduce the background literature on this topic; 2) present
findings from the Health, Alcohol and Psychosocial factors In Eastern Europe (HAPIEE) study;
and 3) conclude with opportunities for future research.

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