RECETOX Seminar Series

This seminar is designed for PhD students, postdocs and other researchers from RECETOX and is open for everybody, who is interested to join. 

Archive of the RECETOX Seminar Series - ARCHIVE

When: Tuesdays, 9:00 am, if not specified in the schedule 
Where: RCX1 Lecture Room, room 252 (2nd floor at the corridor), pavilion D29

Autumn 2022

Topic and speaker
13.9. 2022 The seminar is cancelled
20.9. 2022
Luděk Bláha (RCX): Introduction to new semester and Ph.D. studies (15 minutes)
Anne-Christine Aust (RCX): Quantification of tryptophan catabolites of human gut microbiota in neonatal dried blood spots and stool
Darshak Gadara (RCX): Development and Application of Mass Spectrometry Based Metabolomics and Lipidomics
27.9. 2022 Daniela Brenner, Ishita Virmani, Marina Grossi, Michal Bittner, Riju Chowdhury (all RCX): internships and long-term stays abroad - experiences, tips, etc.
4.10. 2022 The seminar is cancelled
11.10. 2022 Garry Codling (RCX):  The use of pull-down assays to focus non-target sample analysis
20.10. 2022 Gary W. Miller (Columbia, NYC) - online only
25.10. 2022 Markéta Vlasáková (TTO MUNI): Innovating is not a one man show. Why we need you and you need us
1.11. 2022 Gabriela Wofková (IABio): Interesting solutions for non-traditional tasks in NGS field
8.11. 2022 Jiří Marek: Open Science at MUNI - Questions and Answers
15.11. 2022 Helene Wiesinger (ETH): Plastic Monomers, Additives and Processing Aids
22.11. 2022 Kari Hemminki (Lund University, LF UK): Environmental and familial causes of cancer
24.11.2022 (Thursday, 12:00) Vojtěch Thon (RCX): Mucosal immune defense - covid-19, professional mistakes, early treatment.
29.11. 2022 Eva Schernhammer (Harvard University, Med Uni Wien):Light and human health - the use of large cohort studies
6.12. 2022 (9:30) Kateřina Šebková and Lukáš Pokorný (RECETOX): RECETOX and Czech presidency in the EU
Sebastian Lungu-Mitea: On the utilisation and characterisation of external biotransformation systems in in vitro toxicology: a critical review
13.12. 2022 Luděk Bláha (RCX): RCX PhD School - 1st year students to present their PhD project plan
20.12. 2022 no seminar


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