RECETOX Seminar Series

This seminar is designed for Ph.D. students, postdocs, and other researchers from RECETOX and is open to everybody interested in joining.

Archive of the RECETOX Seminar Series - ARCHIVE

When: Tuesdays, 9:00 am, if not specified in the schedule
Where: RCX1 Lecture Room, room 252 (2nd floor at the corridor), pavilion D29

Autumn 2023

Luděk Bláha (RECETOX): Introduction to new semester and Ph.D. studies (15 minutes)

Martin Scheringer
(ETH, Zürich and RECETOX): The Global Presence of Chemicals: Data, Mechanisms of Distribution, and Root Causes 
Jiří Kalina (RECETOX): MONET - Spatial and Temporal Trends of POPs after 15 years of monitoring across Europe (9-9:30)
Ondřej Mikeš (RECETOX): The health effects of air pollution (9:30-10:30)

Frans Prenkert (Örebro University): The need and significance of multidisciplinary research to address the sustainability issues of society (9:00-10:00)

Sophie Langouet (U Rennes): Evaluation of liver function, chronic toxicity and genotoxicity in a human model of proliferating and highly differentiated hepatic spheroids (10:00-11:00)

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Daniel Szabo (RECETOX): Out of Memory: Large-Scale Tidying, Exploratory Analyses and Dashboards in the ELSPAC Study

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Katarzyna Kordas (University of Buffalo, NY, USA): Environmental exposures in a Global South city – effects on child development and health 


Peter Šebej(RECETOX): Stories told by small molecules (How the world of excited states wows us)

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31.10.2023, 16:00. Mendel Refectory

Krásné společenské stroje II: horizonty umělé inteligence v diskusi čtyř světových expertů

Date&time: 31 October 2023, 16:00 (this seminar will be in in-person mode; online version will not be available)
Venue: Mendel Refectory of the Augustinian Abbey, Mendel Square

Language: Czech only

Registration is required.More information available HERE.


1) Thomas Angelo Adrien Contini (RECETOX):Deciphering the placental chemical exposome using high resolution mass spectrometry

2) Žiga Tkalec (RECETOX): FRANKIE project: Impact of exposure to chemicals to onset and progression of dementia

14.11.2023, 10:00

Vladimír Žlábek (Jihočeská U, České Budějovice): Fate and transformation of emerging pollutants in the aquatic environment

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Veronica van der Schyff and Paula Marcineková (RECETOX): Inclusive teaching strategies: Insights from project BELONG

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Branislav Vrana (RECETOX): Passive-Sampler-Derived POPs Concentrations in the Waters of the World─First Results from the AQUA-GAPS/MONET Network

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Lucie Ráčková (RECETOX): From Extreme Environments to Outer Space: How Space Analog Missions and Expeditions Pave the Way for Extraterrestrial Presence, Innovation and Sustainability on Earth

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Martin Bobák (UCL and RECETOX): Social inequalities in chronic diseases in Czech cohort study before and during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Ph.D. students (RECETOX): Doctoral Research Plans (1st year students presentations)

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